Check out our new Air Star Lunix 200 balloons!

Looking back at the (Slow) Season & ahead towards the Summer!

It's been quite the busy past few months!   Why is it that the (slow) season sometimes feels more hectic than the busy Season?

Money is always a little tighter... but there is so much we always want to do.   This Winter was no exception.

December - March came and went.  We kept busy doing the following:

-  Supporting the Seattle Seahawks both locally with Rallies, Games, & the big Alice in Chains performance.

- Treking down to the Super Bowl and providing staging and truss support for over 25,000 people at the Hawks rally!

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On Saturday, March 22, 2014, a major landslide occurred 4 miles east of Oso, Washington, on the West Coast of the United States, when a section of a mountainside collapsed, driving mud and debris across the North Fork of the Stillaquamish River, engulfing a rural neighborhood, and covering an area of approximately 1 square mile.

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One of the two Pyramid Balloons

Air Star - Lunix 200 Helium Balloons

So..... we've picked up some great new items for Pyramid Creative.    Air Star Lunix-200 balloons.   These are amazing for lighting difficult outdoor areas,  (think beer gardens, backstage compounds,  in front of businesses, gala entry, etc.)

They can also be a cool component of decor within a ballroom or meeting space.

Attached are some fun pics of these style balloons.   Pyramid currently has three with two more on the way!

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Flex Rental Solutions

Flex Rental Solutions

So.....  almost a year ago we evaluated sales and inventory system and decided to go with Flex Rental Solutions.

It's pretty amazing stuff.  Cloud based and also works well with Mac computers.

Ever since we came back from the Super Bowl,  we've been diving head first into learning to how to build packages, create estimates, and inventory equipment with barcodes.  It's not as simple as it would sound.

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R. Kelly - Black Panties Tour

Wow.  What an interesting night.   Things always get a little weird when you work for the first time with a Promoter who doesn't have experience working in arenas.  

However,  we always appreciate the work and the actual personnel form the R. Kelly tour were very knowledgible and super easy to get along with.  Ultimately,  it was a great night and the lights, sound, video looked amazing for a fairly full arena.

R. Kelly carried a floor package of sharpies and other movers.  We supplemented with a ton of swing wing truss, and over forty Mac 2K profiles.

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