R. Kelly - Black Panties Tour

Wow.  What an interesting night.   Things always get a little weird when you work for the first time with a Promoter who doesn't have experience working in arenas.  

However,  we always appreciate the work and the actual personnel form the R. Kelly tour were very knowledgible and super easy to get along with.  Ultimately,  it was a great night and the lights, sound, video looked amazing for a fairly full arena.

R. Kelly carried a floor package of sharpies and other movers.  We supplemented with a ton of swing wing truss, and over forty Mac 2K profiles.

The tour also carried an over-sized LED wall along with a kabuki drop.

R. Kelly hasn't played through the Pacific Northwest in quite some time and the audience showed a ton of energy despite the lack of a band and "just backing tracks"

The Pyramid rigging and stagehand team truly stepped up and put their best foot forward throughout the day.

Davies from DC Productions took still photographs and showed a great connection and synergy with our team.  I think there may be many future opportunities there.

Unfortunately,  Steve Hampton injured his knee by twisting into a weird position.  As I type this,  he's at the hospital and we await the results of X-rays to find out if he's OK.

It's never great for someone to get injured.  Let alone our Partner and Leader.

The after-party is chipping away upstairs with a small lighting and sound rig.  Hopefully,  the rest of the evening progresses safely and wraps up shortly.