Flex Rental Solutions

Flex Rental Solutions

So.....  almost a year ago we evaluated sales and inventory system and decided to go with Flex Rental Solutions.

It's pretty amazing stuff.  Cloud based and also works well with Mac computers.

Ever since we came back from the Super Bowl,  we've been diving head first into learning to how to build packages, create estimates, and inventory equipment with barcodes.  It's not as simple as it would sound.

Meanwhile,  the warehouse team has reorganized the entire warehouse.  We purchased tons of new racks and are working aggressively to utilize the available height at the warehouse.

What does all this mean to me?   In the short-run.... lots of cost and outpouring of money without an immediate return.

In the long run,  hopefully a sustainable infrastructure that will serve this company over time.  You have to invest in yourself in order to manager growth and truly suceed.