Hampton and Toe attach the banner.

12Fest Set-Up / Behind the Scenes

OK... so it's been a while since we posted some fun pictures.   I guess we've super busy actually building the stage and backdrop.  However,  here is a whole batch of fun shots from the set-up and "behind the scenes"

Our next batch will be pics from the actual event and then from the Super Bowl!

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Chris Hughes building the 12Fest Stage

Tacoma news Tribune- Picture

So.... this is kinda cool.   Chris Hughes, Steve Hampton, and Pyramid Staging were featured in the Saturday 1/31 Tacoma News Tribune.

Maybe..... "featured" is too big of a word.   Let's just say there was a really cool picture of Chris Hughes building the stage.

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Coach Chuck Knox

When you walk with Favor and Providence, life becomes very interesting. On our way to Arizona to Super Bowl 49, we stopped at a rest stop. Before I could duck into the restroom, I heard somebody chant "Sea Hawks".  I was then introduced to the wife of Coach Chuck Knox. She took Toe and I over to meet  Coach Knox.  Look for more on our blog at We ended up giving coach a Super Bowl 49 T-shirt as a way of saying thanks for letting us take pictures.  

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Getting ready to fly out to Arizona!

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Looking sleepy… but almost there.

Representing the Legion of Boom! #GoHawks

You can feel the energy in the air.....   Toe and Hampton are waving the LOB flag and making their way down through the Arizona desert.

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