1400 miles!

Almost there! Two Men & a Semi Truck

Hampton and Toe are just four hours outside of Phoenix while Stephen, Chris, and Kisha hop on a plane this evening and make the 2.5 hour flight down!

Things are starting to get real.   Load In is tommorrow for the Saturday rally.

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The Owner of U-Frame It (Michelle McDowell) transforms her living room.

Super Bowl Parties throughout the Pacific Northwest

While much of the focus has been on our team heading to Arizona and the Super Bowl,   Andrew, Josh, Garrett, and Apryl are handing multiple Super Bowl private events at local bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. back home.

It seems like every LCD Monitor and Projector we have is being pressed into service for the BIG weekend.

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Front Page on the PLU Website

Great Article on the Pacific Lutheran University Website

We were blessed with a super cool article by Sandy Dunham over at Pacific Lutheran University today.  Front page on the website!  That's pretty exciting.

I can't begin to tell you how much we're looking forward to helping with the Rally this weekend and cheering for our Seahawks at the Super Bowl.

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Making our way through Northern California

Toe and Hampton are winding their way through Yreka and down by Mt. Shasta..... making their way towards Phoenix and the Super Bowl!

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Meanwhile... every night till the Hawks win the Super Bowl

We found a fun way to support the Seahawks at the office.  Every night from now till we win the Super Bowl..... the Seahawks logo will shine all night in our parking lot by the front door!

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