2013 Bumbershoot- Starbucks MSR Lounge & Gold Viewing Deck + Barista Platform

2013 Bumbershoot- Starbucks MSR Lounge & Gold Viewing Deck + Barista Platform

Project Manager:  Esther Teodoro - BigGigs
Bumbershoot Production Company:  One Reel
Local Labor:  IATSE Local 15

Vendor:  Pyramid Staging & Events, LLC.

Sales Representative:  Stephen Dilts & Steve Hampton
Operations Lead:  Chris Hughes & Josh Sayan
Photographer:  John Patzer Photography

Location:   Bumbershoot,  Mural Lawn - Seattle Center Campus  Seattle, WA USA
Bumbershoot is Seattle's Music & Arts Festival.  It is the nation's largest arts festival, attracting over 100,000 people to the Seattle Center every Labor Day Weekend.

Every year, thousands of My Starbucks Rewards and Gold Level Members relax in the swanky MSR Lounge and Gold Viewing deck.  They enjoy free hand-crafted beverages, special seating, and loads of welcoming smiles from the energetic barista team.  Oh, and the music on the Starbucks Stage wasn't bad either!

Pyramid was tasked with transforming a rolling lawn into a level surface for patrons to enjoy both coffee and music.  In addition to providing stability and a flat surface, Pyramid also constructed the MSR Lounge complete with custom ramp from the ground up.

The trick was utilizing custom cut aluminum legs of varied heights along with pads to produce a level surface throughout the uneven terrain.  In addition, ninety-seven (97) Staging Concepts 4x8 SC90 Decks were used throughout the project along with hand-rail, and specialized Staging Concepts ADA handrail and angled legs.

We even utilized a custom "pie piece" built by Staging Concepts for the angle and incline of the ramp to the back of the MSR Lounge.

Eight union stagehands, two Pyramid project leads, and one fork-lift driver later,  the Mural Amphitheater was transformed into a magical space for Starbucks and their patrons at Bumbershoot!