Be the Spark- Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu

At an event celebrating thirty years of community outreach, retired Archbishop Desmond Tutu encouraged a sold-out crowd of 16,500 people in the Tacoma Dome to “make a difference in the world by doing simple things”.

Organized by the Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, “Be the Spark” was designed to inspire action to make the community a more positive, caring place to live.

Besides Tutu, Gov. Christine Gregoire, Seahawk’s Coach Pete Carroll, Bill Gates Sr., and other local celebrities urged the crowd to become active in their own community.

Pyramid Staging coordinated and provided the technical support to translate those thoughts and ideas into a full-fledged arena production.

Intelligent lighting, soft goods, concert line array systems, IMAG, projection, a film jib, and a live television broadcast were just a few of the tools in their arsenal.

The net result was an amazing night of memories.  Check out the pictures below and follow some of the links to articles in local publications and nationally in the associated press:


Arch Bishop Desmond TuTu Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Bill Gates Sr. Ben Union Band featuring Darius Alexander Quest Crew Crystal Aiken and Gospel Choir PLUtonic Charlie Herrmann