City Church - 2013 Vision Day

Never one to back down from a challenge, Pyramd was responsible for Production Management on this show. We also provided lighting design, lighting equipment, staging, rigging, local labor & logistics, stage management, and assisted with projection and IMAG.

The interesting component was that we only had 22 hours to install, rehearse, operate, and strike the entire show!

Not a big deal if you're a touring production with weeks in rehearsal and a streamlined crew doing the same event night after night.  A little more complicated when you're a massive one-off show with multiple vendors, pixel mapping, multi-camera IMAG, elaborate lighting, fly gags, and sound reinforcement for a large choir and multi-instrument band!

This was a huge task that NEVER could have been accomplished without the amazing team assembled!  Special "Thank You" and props go out to: Northwest Event Technology who provided the specialized video labor and wrangled the details for both IMAG and Projection.  The Michael Vossler Group who created all of the orignal video content and shaped the direction of the entire event.  SIR who provided backline and Morgan Sound who provided Sound Reinforcement.   An amazing team!