Ladies Night Out: Volume 6

This was an interesting challenge for Pyramid Staging.  The Ladies Night Out concert series had seen a sizable drop off in ticket sales over the past two years.  They had partnered with another production company and were also receiving complaints on sound quality, coverage, etc.

Ocean Records hired Pyramid to improve the overall quality of the show.

One of the first things we did was take a step back and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the concert series.  We then hired a dedicated Stage Manager, Rich Frey, built a production guide with detailed soundcheck and performance times, and placed a large speaker timer onstage.  The goal was to help bring some structure to the chaos that is seven acts performing in four hours + local emcee's, comedians, etc.

The next step was to improve the basics:

Pyramid hired Morgan Sound to provide a line array system for complete coverage of the venue including the sky boxes.  We also did two seperate hangs of PA to cover those 90 degree seats that often end up being sold.

Pyramid installed a 120K concert lighting rig complete with blinders, specials, hazers, etc.   On-stage,  we added truss towers with ACL bars, Martin Atomic Strobes and two Chauvet foggers.  Directly above,  we flew a mid-stage truss with four Mac 2K intelligent lights.  Rounding out an amazing crew that included Tera Dugan and Jim Kindred was Bill Cherrington (L.L. Cool J's lighting designer for the past thirty years).   A recipe for success!

Next,  we added 10K Eiki projectors, large 9'x12' flanking video screens, and a combination of Sony D30 broadcast cameras and Robotic Cameras with telemetric control to provide full IMAG support throughout the concert.

All of these items came together along with a crowd of over 5,000 people to make for an amazing night!


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