Pacific Lutheran University

Pyramid has always been an active partner with several universities throughout Washington State (UW, WSU, CWU, EWU, UPS, SU, etc.)

However,  there truly is a "connection" and that extra little bit of "love" between Pacific Lutheran University and Pyramid Staging & Events.  It started a couple years ago, when Stephen decided to go back to school and pursue his graduate degree.

Stephen was accepted into both the University of Washington and the Pacific Lutheran University programs.  PLU offered Stephen the Clifford & Lydia Arntson Entrepreneurial Scholarship.  That pretty much sealed the deal and Stephen went on to attend PLU.  He won the scholarship in both 2011 and 2012.

Despite the scholarship,  school was pretty expensive. (Upwards of $45,000).

It was at that point that a light bulb went off in Stephen's head.  "Hey,  why can't I attend school, help support the university, while also making money at school?"

From that point forward,  Pyramid became very involved in several events throughout campus:

PLU Graduation

KPLU radio station event at Benaroya Hall

PLU Job Fairs

PLU School of Business Promotional Video Shoots

PLU Executive Speaker Series (Pyramid became the title sponsor and helped webcast and record the event in High Definition).

LollaPLUzza - Garfield Street Fair

PLU Building Dedications

Ultimately,  Stephen and Pyramid found a way to give back to an amazing organization they truly believed in.  They also found a way to generate a little income and help off-set the cost of an MBA degree.   Pyramid and PLU:   a win/win situation for both entities!