USC Events - (Freak Night, Resolution, Lucky)

Nope,  we're not the lighting company.  Nor are we the sound company.  

For the past couple years,  we've been the "go to" company for Chad Anderson and USC Events, Inc. for the little things that matter.

Things like Rigging, Local Labor Support, On-Stage Rolling Risers, VIP Platforms, Plasma Monitors, Photo Booth Projection,  etc.    Little details that help come together and make for a BIG show.  Heck,  you've got to start somewhere ..... right?

Photographic rights for all images presented here belong to their original copyright holders and will be removed upon request.  There are some amazing images from some of the very best in the business including:  206foto, Bones, Jason Woodill, AJ Apuya, J. Patzer Photographer, and several others.