Work Hard. Play Hard!

While we take our job seriously,  we also like to have fun and ejoy life.  Over the past few years,  we've had several team building exercises and chances to just relax and build comradery.

It's the simple things that count.  Treating people with respect.  Paying them a livable wage.  Having fun while you work and working with people that you enjoy being around.  This is what matters in life, and what matters to us.

Whether it's firing up the BBQ for a company picnic, or hosting tag-team inflatable sumo wrestling in the MMA cage the night before the big fight.... we like to have fun!

If you're going to work and produce shows in a beautiful spot like Lake Chelan,  why wouldn't you take the boat out on the lake?  Heck,  why wouldn't you take the team out white water river rafting?  Let's enjoy life.... one day at a time.