Pacific Lutheran University

Stephen enrolled in the graduate program at the PLU School of Business in the Fall of 2010.  His goal was to receive his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) and apply the lessons that he learned towards Pyramid Staging & Events, LLC.

Along the way,  he learned that an MBA cost a lot of money.  Over $45,000 to be precise.

That's where his entrepreneaural spirit and hustler mentality kicked in.  "Hmmmmm"   "How could he make money while also attending PLU and convince PLU to start utilizing Pyramid's services?"

It wasn't long before Pyramid was assisting PLU with events such as:

- LollaPLUzza Street Fair

- KPLU at Benaroya Hall

- PLU MBA promotional ENG video shoot

- Karen Hille Philips Gala and Building Grand Opening

- PLU Annual Commencement at the Tacoma Dome

Before long,  Stephen even liked to joke with the Dean.  "PLU costs a lot of money to attend - over $45,000"   You could almost see the look on the Dean's face.  This wouldn't be the first time having heard or participated in this conversaton.  "However,  I've made $55,000 so far from PLU.  I'm $10,000 up"! laughed Dilts.  

With that type of success,  it's no wonder he's still in the program and taking his time to graduate (anticipated date is Spring of 2014),  maybe Pyramid can generate even more revenue!

However,  Pyramid also believes in giving back and supporting the university and it's programs.  In 2013,  State Farm Insurance was no longer willing to be the title sponsor for the annual executive leadership series.

Pyramid stepped into the void and donated a package worth of upwards of $42,000 including:

- $5,000 cash donation

- Complimentary HD Recording and Webcasting of all six events

Pyramid became the Title Sponsor for the executive leadership series.  Hopefully, this will serve as Stephen's way of "giving back" and participating within the University long after he graduates with MBA degree.