You never realize how much you actually end up using scaffolding.  We use our rolling scaffolding ALL the time for spotlight towers, projection platforms, etc.


Stretch Spandex rocks!  We love it.  It makes everything... just that much prettier.

Stanchions & Chairs

We don't aspire to be a chair or party rental company.  However, we own several items and have great relationships in town for just about anything you can think of!

Soft Goods

It's not unusual for a company like Pyramid to aquire some soft goods along the way.  While we're not a full scenic house..... Stephen has never met a good Ebay deal that he can pass up!

As such,  we now have some items from Gwen Stefani's solo tour and the last No Doubt tour:

White Pleated Curtain Backdrop  78' Wide x 36' Tall-  From Gwen Stefani tour

Black Duveytine Backdrop 32' Wide x 40' Tall - From Gwen Stefani tour

White Muslin Backdrop/Stage Curtain 60' wide x 30' Tall - From No Doubt tour

We also have a 73% text-line blow-through backdrop.  It's 40' Wide x 24' Tall.  It's Grey and the lighting designers love it, because it takes light really well.  We utlilize it on some of our outdoor roof/stage systems and it allows the LD to have some fun earlier in the evening when the sun is just beginning to set instead of having to wait until fully dark.

Finally,  we have purchased three new pieces of black soft goods from Sew What?    Each piece is 21' wide x 30' tall.  Tie-On material.  We can make a nice backdrop that is 60' wide x 30' tall when it's all said and done.

Cosmetic Lighting & Scenic Elements

Step & Repeat

Plexi-Glass Podiums


No matter what you're looking for:  we can find it!  Pyramid has great relationships throughout the Pacific Northwest for backline.  We're not a backline company, but we can act as a single source to make sure all your requirements are taken care of.

Drum Baffles

Clear plexiglass with chrome hardware connecting four panels.  Drum surround was previously owned and toured with the band "No Doubt".  Still in great shape and travels with custom anvil case.  Panels are 2' Wide x 4' Height.

Music Stands

You'd be surprised how many events we do with an orchestra or horn section that needs music stands and lights for reading their charts.

Pipe & Drape

Everyone needs pipe and drape.  Uprights, Cross-bars, Base Plates,  Thick Velour Panels.

We own aproximately 200' running feet of Pipe & Drape and the hardware to go along with it.  Our bases travel in custom anvil cases that make set-up simple and easy.

Need a different color?

Looking for White, Brown, Crimson, Pink?   Well..... maybe not Pink.

However, we can help source and provide the other colors quite easily.  Think of Pyramid as a "one stop" shop for all your event needs.


Yep,  we have 10x10 tents for the sound wings, and a flat canopy for the FOH Mix position.